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Feminist general strike of 8 march

This Thursday, March 8, Labourer Women’s Day, we will participate in the feminist general strike called all over the world by the feminist movement. The claims are very clear, those who do not see them are because they do not want to see them and perpetuate them.

Every day, women suffer up to three times more violence and discrimination, male chauvinistic, racist and classist. We suffer all the inequalities of this heteropatriarchal capitalist society, job insecurity, poverty, exclusion, invisibility,…

This struggle must be won, and in order to win it, we need mobilization and firmness. We are here to build a society that puts people and the planet at the centre and not money. Where all tasks are recognized, respectful, cooperative and shared among equals.

We stopped! Nosaltres parem! Guk planto egiten dugu! Nosotras paramos!

Girona – Demonstration 19:00h. Plaça del Vi

Bilbo – Demonstration 20:00h. Sacred Heart