Our team

Who we are


Jesús Teixidor Graugés
Industrial Engineer

Joan Oliver Casanellas
Industrial Engineer

Xavier Planas Puigbert
  Industrial Technician Engineer


Ramon Vergés Martínez 
Industrial Technician Engineer www.linkedin.com/in/ramonverges











Irene Gonzalez Molina
Industrial Engineer










Nora Massaneda Feliu
Energy Engineer










How we are

We are a young team of engineers specialized in renewable energies and with a wide experience in this sector. We are passionate about the energy transition and we are engaged both as engineers and as individuals.

We believe in cooperation and in the sum of efforts when it comes to launching motivated and socially responsible projects. We work with a good network of collaborators in order to offer the best service to people and organizations.

Suno was born in 2015 and it is located in Figueres (Catalonia).

Values of Suno

  • Cooperation
  • Transparency
  • Proximity
  • Vision of future
  • Proffesionality
  • Effort and dedication
  • Social and Solidarity Economy